Soviet Union

First produced


Country Of Origin

Soviet Union





Max. Effective Range

400 m


20.3 kg


2100 mm (83 in)

Date of Production





The PTRS-41 was produced and used by the Soviet Union during World War II. In the years between the World Wars, the Soviet Union began experimenting with different types of armour-piercing anti-tank cartridges. Finding the 12.7x108mm insufficient, they began development of what would become the 14.5x114mm armour piercing round. Famous Soviet weapons designers such as Vasily Degtyaryov and Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov designed rifles to accommodate this cartridge. In 1938, Simonov designed the PTRS-41, a magazine fed, anti-tank rifle.

Usage in the Call of Duty gamesEdit


In Call of Duty: World at War, the functionality of the PTRS-41 is changed from an anti-tank rifle to a scoped sniper rifle. It is seen during Soviet Red Army Campaign missions. It is extremely powerful, being the only weapon that takes only one hit to kill anywhere in the body at any range. This makes this sniper rifle favorable compared all other sniper rifles. In the campaign mission Vendetta, it can be used. It can be found after the player fends off the first large group of German soldiers while covering comrades. After they advance, and after the player fends off some Wehrmacht soldiers in close range, there will be a mounted MG42. Near it, leaning against a wall, will be the PTRS-41. The mission Heart of the Reich also harbors this sniper rifle during the end of the mission in which it is located in a ruined building before stepping foot inside the Reichstag. It is also available in the mission Downfall in which the player will snipe the opposing German forces on the opposite side of the balcony and then provide fire support for comrades on the bottom of the Parliament floor.


In the multiplayer counterpart of Call of Duty: World at War, the PTR-41 performs fantastically as a sniper rifle. Although recoil is high, it is very controllable, whilst the same can be said about the sway. The PTRS-41 can amazingly destroy a tank in 2 magazines, although the PTRS-41 was designed as a anti-tank rifle not a sniper rifle. Otherwise, the PTRS-41 is higly recommended for use as a sniper in multiplayer, but it's high rank unlock makes it a rare weapon to be seen in multiplayer.